Friday, October 30, 2009

Finally, Finally!

I'm finally posting pictures of our bathroom (the entire reason this whole blog thing started... googled "small, old, black and white bathrooms... ended up on ... decided to start my own blog, yadda yadda). So here we are... before, during, and after.
We're very happy with how it turned out! Now maybe someday I'll get around to posting all the other projects we've done... installed a new storm door, finished the kitchen, re-did the living room, installed half a fence etc. So a bit of news... looks like my blog will no longer be just a "home improvement" blog, it's also becoming a wedding blog! Yep, John and I got engaged at the beginning of October. Can't quite describe how excited I am (and I think he is too) :-)


  1. Hi. I'm visiting from Young House Love and I live in Richmond, too. We are renovating our house and hitting the bathroom next, but not going all out like John and Sherry. Our project is more similar to yours...replace everything but the floor and tub mostly. Would love to see more pics of your other projects. Your bathroom looks great!