Saturday, November 21, 2009

A fence, a hallway, a wedding, and some dentures.

Just wanted to write a quick update on all the goings ons in our school/wedding/DIY/dog-filled lives. A great big, giant, HUGE thing happened today... John and his dad finished our fence!!! Blood, sweat, and tears (literally) have gone into this fence project and I can't even describe how happy I am to have it done! You see, we have a very spirited (and athletic) golden retriever that has an incredible knack for busting out of our yard and venturing into the street, neighbors yard, etc... We know he wouldn't hurt a flee but we also understand that our neighbors shouldn't have to put up with a random dog peeing on their crate mertyl or tagging along on their evening walk. It has led to months of frustration and battles since we can't exactly keep Agent locked up in our house all day but we also can't spend tons of time with him outside (our school schedule alone keeps us away from home the majority of the day). Having a 6-foot tall privacy fence should finally do the trick as long as he doesn't learn to dig his way out.... if that starts happening you can plan on seeing a "Dog For Sale" post (John- I'm only kidding). So next step is to install a doggie-door and let Maylene and Agent self-regulate their outside play time. I'm A-OK with this more hands off approach! We've also spent the last week fixing up our hallway by ripping up the carpet, re-painting it with the Coconut Milk color that is in the bathroom, and hanging new pictures. The pictures are of a hawk that John photographed while we were on a white water rafting trip in West Virginia last May. I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out although, according to my fiance, we now have a "lack of color" issue. The hallway was street-line-yellow before soooo.... yeah. If it were up to me I'd probably have browns, tans and creams on every wall so I'm glad that John forces me out of my comfort zone and pushes my creativity buttons. Maybe we'll pick a bold runner or something (although, again, I would probably rather pick a natural jute material). As far as wedding updates go... we have picked the ceremony and reception locations and are in the process of picking out a photographer and finalizing the wedding party. The ceremony is going to be at Trinity United Methodist Church. This is the church that John's family goes to and is the same one that his sister Keri was married in. Our reception will then be at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens (only about a 10 min. drive from the church). I was sick with swine flu a few weeks ago so while I was stuck on the couch I started our wedding website... it's not finished by any means, but it's a start. This week is the beginning of our finals. We have a fixed prosthodontics exam and a cariology exam Monday and then an occlusion lab exam on Tuesday (making a bite guard) and a removable prosthodontics lab exam on Wednesday (finishing up our dentures). I had NO idea what all went into making dentures... let me tell you, it is not an easy process!! So please people, I beg and plead... for your sake and mine... brush and floss your teeth so that I don't ever have to make a full set of dentures for you! It involves hours and hours of work for me and the lab technicians and about a dozen appointments for you! I promise you it's much easier to just brush your teeth twice a day... or even once a day is probably enough to keep those suckers in there.

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