Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Getting to know you....

Time for the introductory post as promised... and I know mom is the only one reading this but I don't feel quite right just jumping into things without some form of salutations (it's the ocd side of me coming out). So as I mentioned in the "About Me" that you'll see to the right of this post (I feel like a tour guide) I am 22 years old, live in Richmond, VA, and am currently working my booty off trying to become a dentist so in 2012 I can sign my posts "Dr." Jenni! Overall I'm really enjoying dental school although it definitely has it's own special way of getting under my skin at times. I'm sure there will be plenty on that later. So a quick re-cap of the past 5 years:

Graduated high school, Pamela moved to Michigan, started college (Virginia Tech), decided to go to dental school, met Will, decided medical school sounded better than dental school, worked at Bath & Body Works for an awful 6 months, declared my major (Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise), took a zillion classes, spent a summer studying abroad in Paris, decided dietetics sounded better than med school, became a Wellness Peer Educator, almost called the whole health profession thing off to pursue a career in interior design, switched back to dental... then med once more, April 16th happened, spent an amazing week in MI with Pamela, began studying for the MCAT, halfway through began studying for the DAT instead (yep... went back to the dental school idea), applied to dental school, Will and I went our separate ways, interviewed at VCU and Penn, fell in love with Penn, chose VCU, graduated from Tech, got a puppy, started dental school, puppy had to go live with Mom and Dad, Joe joined a band, started an Outdoors Club with Disa, fell in love with John, survived the first year of school (barely) and here we are!
And yes, that was very "Marley and Me" inspired. I swear I do have a life beyond school... I think. Now what is the opposite of a recap? Hmmm.... Well here's a glimpse into the future (obviously no pictures this time): Taking NBDE (National Board Dental Exam) Part 1, moving in with John, bringing the puppy back to Richmond, family reunion with Dad's side in South Carolina, week at Nags Head with Mom's side, a couple of weddings, a visit from Pamela (fingers crossed) and hopefully LOTS of time spent at the river, doing fun projects on the house, and playing outside. Activity for the day: planting a vegetable garden! Maybe I'll even take pictures and post them (my poor little blog is a This Young House wannabe).

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