Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finally Had Time To Post Something

John and I had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We left after class on Friday and went straight to West Point where his family has a house on the Mattaponi River. The weekend was filled with boating, meeting new people, laughing at Kyle's (John's baby nephew) nonstop cuteness, a few river house projects, and time to just veg out. Sadly Tuesday was spent studying for a pathology exam which we then took this morning. Lets just say I'm less than thrilled with my results but c'est la vie. I tried my best. My less than stellar exam was then followed up with an afternoon in the clinic practicing administering local anesthesia on each other. Gave two shots, got two shots in return. My nose and lip felt all tingly and fat for about an hour... not something I'm in a hurry to experience again. Needless to say I was in much need of some retail therapy by the end of the day so I took myself shopping. Between gift cards and some awesome discounts I managed to only spend about $23 and here is what I got........... 12 cloth napkins, 4 napkin rings, 1 little spice jar, 1 larger spice jar, a grill basket, 4 glass storage bowls, a tea pot (finally!), 2 decorative cups/candle holders (super excited about these for a very specific reason), a garden tool, and 2 flower pots. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself ;-) So why the excitement over the cups? Well if you're even half as obsessed with This Young House as I am you should be very familiar with these specific 2 cups/glasses/candle holders (still not sure what they are) that seem to pop up all over their house! I swear you can spot these two little cups in almost every other picture taken in their house (whether featured in a magazine or posted on their blog). You could seriously play "Where's Waldo" with those cups on their website. Apparently they give a room/shelf/table etc. that just-a-little-too-lovely-for-real-life-but-perfect-for-a-magazine vibe. You know the vibe I'm talking about. I told myself if I ever found decorative pieces even close to those cups I would buy them right then and there, no questions asked. Lo and behold as I'm browsing the shelves at TJ Maxx I look down and see two little cups staring up at me. So I made my purchase..... no questions asked. Just to take it a step further (probably too far) I'm going to give you a taste of what I'm talking about (mom you already know).

The next 3 pictures are various spots in their house where the cups showed up:
And here are my cups:
Does it look like it's out of a magazine?? Does it? Does it? Okay... so not really. But I'm telling you these little cups will fulfill their picture-perfect destiny someday.

**pictures taken from the This Young House website** (not sure if that's necessary but better safe then sorry right?)

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