Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Should Be Studying

Thought I'd take a quick break from carcinoma memorization (always a thrilling topic) to write a "preview post". Whenever I get a chance aka tomorrow when this exam is over I'll post pictures from our project filled weekend. Friday after class we built little fence for our vegetable garden to keep doggies out and Sunday we ripped up the carpet in the "front room" of John's house. Two things we had been itching to do! I know you're shakin in your boots with excitement.

p.s. Today I ate a Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich. I'm currently taking a pathology course which is the study of diseases so naturally I'm going through a phase where I think I have every disease that I study. Today I managed to convince myself that because of my lack of meat intake I'm not getting enough iron which means that my poor little hemoglobins can't bind enough oxygen and therefore my brain isn't getting enough oxygen and that's why I'm doing crummy on all my exams. And hence the chicken sandwich. Looks like the year of vegetarianism is over.

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