Friday, September 25, 2009

My Apologies

Dear Blog,
I am so sorry for neglecting you over these past few months. Like always life has been jam packed with school work, house projects, and trips. To summarize: 3 weddings, 1 funeral, 3 beach trips, 1 Mission of Mercy Dental Service Project, 1 Maylene back in Richmond, 1 bathroom makeover, about 7 exams... whew! Sadly I am terrible about remembering to bring my camera on all these activities. But luckily I'm a good facebook stalker and can steal other peoples pics!....

First there was my brother's catch of the day at Fripp Island (Beach trip #1)

Then there was lots of Kylie lovin at the Outer Banks (Beach Trip #2)

Next, it was off to Wise, VA for the Mission of Mercy 2 and a half day dental service project. It was an amazing experience! I wish I could post more pictures because just the one does not do it justice... watch this video to find out what the MOM project is all about (you have to click the "View Video" link on the left of the page) and then click here to see more pictures for the Wise project that John and I were at this past summer. (I'm the one in the maroon shirt in the waaaay back to the left of that first picture... that's the only picture I made it in lol).
Right after the MOM project we started our second year of dental school and then spent that following weekend having a good ol' time with our friends at Cate and Andrew's beautiful wedding (oh! and my 23rd birthday happened somewhere in there!)

We then attended wedding #2 and got to spend the weekend with my family.

Then we traveled up to Annapolis for Tina and Nick's wedding.

After this came Labor Day and beach trip #3 at the Reynold's beach house in Va Beach, unfortunately this was very quickly, and unexpectedly, followed by the funeral of what sounded like an amazing young man (John's cousin) that sadly I never got a chance to meet. We spent this past weekend in Winchester with the group in that previous picture visiting different wineries in the area... obviously we had a wonderful time. I'll post pictures of our bathroom makeover another time, for now I'd better get going on the laundry and packing for yet another weekend trip. We're headed home for the VT vs. Miami game (and more importantly the chance to introduce the Reynolds and the Boylands)! Tailgating, turkey legs, Enter Sandman, Maroon Effect, Blacksburg in the fall, Mom, Dad, Joe, John's family, hopefully Colorado (college friend),.... cannot wait for tomorrow!!!

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