Saturday, June 27, 2009

Recent Projects

June has been a busy month for us so far! Between finishing pathology (aka learning more about cancer and the negative effects of smoking than I ever wanted to), a family reunion (aka 16 hours in the car, it was well worth it though), and moving in together (aka trying to smush all our stuff together) I've gotten way behind on posting pictures. So here are a few before and afters (and some in betweens).

We built a little fence to go around one of our veggie gardens... first step was to pull nails out of all this old wood that we used. Then we had to cut the wood into small boards.
Can you believe John just sat back and made me do all the work!?! ;-) Kidding... he was busy teaching me how to use the tools, doing most of the cutting, and taking these oh-so-lovely pictures of me.
There he is.

And the finished product!

Next project was ripping up the carpet in the front/living room/blue room... it has many names.

Never did get a great "after" picture of the carpet ripping project. But we'll be doing more stuff in that room so just stay tuned.

Whew! This post put up a fight! I'm still getting the hang of Some post go smoother than others. I think I'll quit while I'm ahead and get back to unpacking/cleaning/organizing etc.

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