Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If you don't have something nice to say...

Wow, I must really have an opinion here if I'm actually writing on my sad little neglected blog about it! Today when I got home I did my usual computer routine... checked e-mail, checked Blackboard (all you fellow students know what I'm talking about), and finally checked my three favorite blogs: YHL, Bower Power and All Things G&D. YHL and Bower Power both had terrific posts about their fun weekend together; playing with tablescapes, introducing the babies etc. Very enjoyable for a fan of both blogs to see them unite for a post or two! Anywho, I was browsing through the comments on the YHL post and came across this snarky remark...

"Ugh. I could’ve done without this one. Two things wrong with that girl. One, she uses such crude/foul language (at the same time claiming to follow Jesus, go figure). Two, it always seems like her posts are copies of yours, just a few days/weeks later. I stopped reading her many, many months ago and haven’t missed her at all. Yes, I know, to each his (or her) own, but I, for one, am not appreciating the memory jog here." -Beth

Say whaaa??? Excuse me Ms. Beth, but was that really necessary? Did you think that the youngsters (as they sometimes are referred to over at YHL) would be super impressed by your insight and decided to refrain ever referring to the Bowers in their blog again? Like Sherry said in her polite response to your comment.... everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but when your "opinion" can only be expressed in a way that completely shoots down someones friend you should know when to bite your tongue (or keep those fingers away from the keyboard). It's remarks like these that make me nervous that Sherry and John will stop posting about their personal lives and will stick strictly to only blogging about paint chips, caulking a bathtub and installing light dimmers.

So lets just say my feelings were actually a little hurt for Katie Bower! I thought about e-mailing the youngsters to express my disgust for Beth's comment and to ask why they didn't delete it, but pretty quickly decided that they really don't have time to deal with a "comment about a comment". So then I thought about posting my own little "response" comment, but again decided against it since the YHL blog is not the place to argue with someone about their lack of class. I decided that posting a short and sweet little comment on their site along with a nice big ol' link to my blog (most importantly THIS post) would satisfy my need to retaliate and defend my wonderful blogs. I'm pretty sure no one beside my mom will read this, but ya never know.......

P.S. since when are words like "poop" and "dang" considered crude/foul language that only non-Jesus following people would ever dare to say?

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