Thursday, October 14, 2010

Question for you...

My first question to you is this: Have you ever had such a juicy story to tell your girl friends, mom, husband etc... that you feel like you need a serious chunk of time to tell it?? And I'm not just talking about any ol' "time". I'm talking about good quality time. Time that is long enough that your story will not be rushed, time that will be uninterrupted, time during which you will have your listeners undivided attention for as long as you need it. Yes, that is some pretty intense criteria. But you know that you just can't compromise! This event/occurrence was so big that it really deserves to be talked about properly. You can't just glaze over the details and skip around the timeline. You need to sit down over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and elegantly divulge the information bit by bit until you have said all that you need to say on the subject.

Now my second question to you is this: Have you sadly never told your juicy story because your criteria bar for the "time to tell it" was too darn high!?! You never seem to have the quality time your looking for. So you keep holding off... and before you know it an almost awkward amount of time has gone by so now you REALLY better have some serious material to deliver. You couldn't possibly make them wait that long and then give them a quick and dirty, sub par conversation. Now that quality time is more important than ever! You've really built it up and have a lot to live up to! Ugh, days/weeks/months have gone by and it's just getting plain weird that you haven't said anything. Looks like you're never going to tell your tale. Bummer.

So over here on my side of the computer screen this little blog is my girl friend, mom, husband etc... and my WEDDING is the juicy story that I've put up on this super high pedestal. John and I were married on July 24th. I know it sounds sappy but it truly was the happiest day of my life. I wanted to write about the planning process after we got engaged. I wanted to post pictures of the flowers I was considering, the bridesmaid dresses I narrowed it down to, the venues we visited. I wanted create a mood board to show my inspiration for just about everything. I OF COURSE wanted to write about every detail of the day. How I felt when I was soaking in my bubble bath that morning. How Pamela (my MOH) and I thought the coffee was laced with something because it just tasted a little too good. How my mom stocked our "getting ready room" with tons of snacks and delicious mimosas. How I cried when I saw my little brother in his tux and shiny Converse shoes. How nervous and excited I was to walk down the aisle towards John. How fun the ride over to our reception was. How the weather actually got up to 106 degrees and our 5 tier cake melted as a result! How my dad made the best toast of all time. How during "Sweet Caroline" everyone out on the dance floor got in a big giant circle and started doing the can-can. How my mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law. husband and I all crammed into the photo booth at the same time. How amazing our photographer was.

I became so overwhelmed that I did the worst possible thing... I didn't write one word, I didn't post a single picture. As far as my blog was concerned our wedding never even happened. I plan to change that very soon... but I'm lowering the bar to a realistic height. And it's possible that I may post more pictures and less words. Pictures are all anyone really cares about anyway right? Here are several little teaser pictures.......

photos by Don and Lindsay Mears at

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