Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Day In My Life

I was inspired by All Things G&D to write a post about a normal day in my life. Who knows, maybe I'll even document an entire week! Could be interesting. So here we go...

6:00am: Alarm goes off, hit snooze (don't remember hitting snooze).

6:15am: Alarm goes off again, apparently hit snooze again.

6:30am: John's alarm goes off along with mine, he starts rubbing my arm and trying to gently wake me up.

6:45am: John gets frustrated and insists I get up, I know he's right but I'm still mad, I grumble and stumble to the bathroom, take a 15 min. shower, think about how I need to start working out and tanning (bathing suit season will be here before I know it), get dressed (makeup/hair etc.), no time to fix breakfast- grab a Greek yogurt and mug of coffee.

7:30am: Head out the door with John, he drives while I eat my yogurt, we talk a little bit but mostly just listen to talk radio.

7:50am: Pull into the parking lot, start the 10 min. walk to school.

8:01am: Get into the building, get a lecture from John about needing to wake up earlier because we are now officially late.

8:15am: Our class president announces that our oral surgery lecture has been cancelled because the professor forgot about it, we're all pissed because we could have gotten an extra hour of sleep.

8:30am: Do a little "patient management" (aka go through my list of patients and write down who needs to be called/scheduled etc.).

9:00am: Go to the oral surgery clinic for day 2 of my 2 week rotation, see 3 patients- do an extraction. Almost pee my pants at one point during the morning... without giving any specifics lets just say that for a minute I thought we were going to have a scary medical emergency on our hands. Everything turned out fine though.

12:00pm: Go to a lunch and learn about patient management and patient retention, had 2 slices of pizza (blah, that bathing suit body isn't off to a good start).

1:00pm: Head back to the oral surgery clinic for the afternoon session, extract another tooth, the patient doesn't speak any English- fun, float around the clinic helping classmates here and there.

4:00pm: Review some cases with the oral surgeon supervising us, have a group discussion on odontogenic infections (fancier way to say tooth infections).

4:30pm: Get dismissed from oral surgery, head over to the general practice clinic to help John clean up from his afternoon patient so we can leave a little early.

5:00pm: Leave school, do the hike to the car, head to the VDA (Virginia Dental Association) building to help load some stuff into the new MOM(Mission Of Mercy) project truck.

5:45pm: Get home, veg out on the computer, become familiar with Dooce, snack on leftovers from my father-in-law's birthday dinner at P.F. Changs (last night).

6:30pm: John walks down the street to help his dad do some work on a house that they own together and rent out.

7:40pm: Do a little cleaning and discover that the vacuum cleaner is not sucking. Sad.

8:00pm: John comes back with DIL (dad-in-law) to show him our progress on a room we're redoing.

8:15pm: DIL leaves, and I fix the vacuum! It just had a clog, but I'm still very proud of myself. After my big accomplishment I decide to do some spakeling in the "in progress" room.

**I'd like to interject something... I was a thousand times more impressed with myself for unclogging the vacuum than I was for extracting those teeth... I paraded the functioning vacuum around the house with my head held so high. I'm ridiculous.**

9:00pm: Sit down at the computer to try and find the latest episode of Million Dollar Listing online (John watched it on-demand last night while I was sleeping on the couch and doesn't want to re-watch it... grrrr), couldn't find it, watch Private Practice instead, eat leftover mashed potatoes and peas.

9:40pm: Quit watching Private Practice, that show has gotten so ridiculous, start reading blogs.

10:00pm: Start writing this blog, it has taken longer than I thought it would. John is watching Top Shot, one of the contestants on the show is a guy that John went to high school with, Ashley Spurlin, he's in the elimination round right now. :-( John's feeling tense...... whew, Ashley is safe!

11:00pm: Thinking about going to bed (but might take over the TV when John goes to bed and watch Million Dollar Listing).
12:43am: Get out of bed to edit this post... I had originally written a little bit more information about the patients I saw today. Nothing much at all, but just enough to make me uneasy about the whole doctor/patient confidentiality thing. So I decided that if I was ever going to get any sleep I'd better drag myself out of bed and tweak the wording of a few things. Shew, sometimes I wonder if blogging is worth it. (never did watch Million Dollar Listing btw)

And completely unrelated to A Day In My Life today... here's a picture of us from the MCV Winter Ball that we went to on Feb. 25th. Again, I hate posts without pictures.
ugh, I need to photoshop that shiny forehead out

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